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Discriminatie melden


Anti-discrimination agency RADAR promotes equal treatment and strives for a society without exclusion. We think it is important that everyone can visibly be themselves and receive equal opportunities in society. To achieve this, we work together with devoted volunteers, civil society organizations, the government, and businesses. Together we make the difference.

File a discrimination report

RADAR supports cases and feelings of discrimination. Our complaint specialists will listen to your story, provide you with information and advise you on what you could do next.

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Do what we are good at

RADAR is committed to promoting equal treatment and combating discrimination in various ways. We do this by:
• advising and supporting reporters in cases and feelings of discrimination;
• registering and reporting on incidents of discrimination;
• researching equal treatment;
• providing training and workshops;
• advise on policy.

Candid, close-by and progressive are our core values.


RADAR works for 51 municipalities with a total of 3.2 million inhabitants. RADAR fulfills the legal task of independent anti-discrimination provision for the municipalities in our working area. Residents of these municipalities can turn to RADAR for free advice and support if they experience discrimination.

Organization & management

Anti-discrimination agency RADAR is a foundation. It is part of the holding company RADAR Inc. The Supervisory Board of RADAR Inc. supervises the policy of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is appointed by The Supervisory Board and assists it with advice.


RADAR has been designated by the tax authorities as ANBI, a public benefit institution. Gifts to RADAR are gifts made to charitable organizations and deductible from taxable income.

The annual accounts, the overview of our activities and other information regarding the ANBI-status can be found on our ANBI-page.

Complaints procedure

We would like you to be satisfied with our services. We are very committed to that. However, it may happen that you are unsatisfied. In our complaint procedure, we explain what you can do in that situation.

Other information

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 41128222