RADAR for equality and against discrimination
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RADAR for equality and against discrimination

RADAR (established in 1983) works to promote equal treatment, to create a society that is free of social exclusion and that provides equal opportunities for all. RADAR seeks to prevent and mend cases and feelings of discrimination, participates in collaborations and shares knowledge. Our core values are expertise, commitment, reliability and impartiality. Together we make a difference.


RADAR, agency for equality and against discrimination, operates in the regions Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Midden- and West-Brabant, Zuid-Holland-Zuid, and, since the beginning of 2011, Brabant-Noord. RADAR assesses and monitors the enforcement of article 1 of the constitution. This section of the law guarantees the right to equal treatment and prohibits discrimination. RADAR is the authority on equal treatment in the aforementioned regions: contact point, watchdog, data base, source of information and lobbyist for equal treatment and against discrimination. RADAR also wants to contribute to tolerance, civic education and social cohesion.


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