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Training Courses and Workshops

RADAR regularly organizes short workshops and training courses that consist of a number of sessions. The workshops and training courses address subjects such as the consequences of negative perceptions, recognizing discrimination and dealing with bullying and discrimination. RADAR workshops and training courses are aimed at various groups, such as pupils and students, young people, teachers, police officers, migrant organizations and refugees. The workshops and training courses use a range of tools: confidence building exercises, drama techniques, role play, interactive gaming exercises, activities to break the ice, group discussions, creative exercises, audio-visual aids, and so forth.


Lesson for Primary School Pupils, ‘Look Further’

This lesson, aimed at primary school pupils in grades five and six, takes one to one-and-a-half hours and is about bullying, prejudice and discrimination. The lesson includes an explanation of the notion ‘prejudice’, a story called ‘The Bicycle Thief’ and a game called ‘Fast Judgement’.


Pupils’ Workshop, ‘Respect4all’

Taking from one to one-and-a-half hours, ‘Respect4all’ is a short workshop for lower secondary school pupils. The workshop addresses the effects of prejudice and discrimination and can be extended by adding extra modules.


Teachers’ Workshop, ‘Discrimination in the Classroom’

How do you respond to discrimination in the classroom? How do you set limits? How do you encourage pupils to discuss subjects such as homosexuality and anti-Semitism? A RADAR-led discussion among teachers about topical subjects.


Professionals’ Workshop, ‘Discrimination, Where Do We Draw the Line?

Workshop about incidents and feelings of discrimination. Aimed at police officers, Social Support Act (WMO) clerks and other people that are faced with discrimination in their work environment. Also suitable for people that want to know what rights they have when faced with discrimination.


Adults’ Training Course, ‘Discrimination, Deal with It!’

‘Discrimination, Deal with It! is a three-day empowerment course about discrimination and the ability to deal with it.




Subject to the needs and desires of clients, RADAR assembles made-to-measure workshops, training courses or projects consisting of various modules about, for instance, the effect of prejudice, empowerment, tolerance, civic education, social hygiene and identity. RADAR has arrangements with a number of municipalities about the funding of projects, information campaigns and/or training courses. For more information about content and charges, please contact us at:


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