How to submit a complaint about discrimination
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How to submit a complaint about discrimination

Every municipality in the Netherlands has a legal obligation to facilitate an independent agency, open to all residents, providing advice and support in cases of discrimination. Most municipalities in the area RADAR operates in have entered into an agreement with RADAR.


RADAR advises and supports individuals and organizations that have been, or feel, discriminated against. Most complaints concern discrimination on the basis of skin color/ethnicity, religion/belief, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability/chronic illness. RADAR can advise about legal options and assist complainants with procedures. Areas of society that produce the majority of reports on discrimination are: the work environment, the living environment, public facilities, commercial services and hotels, restaurants and bars. The complaint procedure involves hearing both sides of the argument; it is our intention to establish dialogues in order to realize change. In addition, we aim to empower people and to enhance their self-esteem.


Every year, RADAR registers all reports. These are subsequently analysed to discover trends and conveyed to regional fact sheets (that may be downloaded at www.radar.nl). Municipalities are legally required to report to the national government annually. RADAR draws up separate reports for each municipality.


You can contact RADAR:


• By telephone: 


Rotterdam    010 - 411 39 11

Breda           076 - 530 91 37

Dordrecht     078 - 639 04 29

Tilburg         013 - 820 02 12              

Den Bosch    073 - 744 01 18


• Via our website: please click on KLACHT (complaint) to access an online complaint form that you can submit electronically;
• By e-mail: please send your e-mail to info@radar.nl;

• By mail: put you complaint down in writing and send your letter to one of the RADAR offices.

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