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The Power School

Many young people have to pit their wits against the negative impact of discrimination, prejudice and violence. To help them find or regain their own strength and ignore negative influences from their environment, RADAR has set up a (very successful) empowerment project, ‘The Power School’.


Empowerment provides young people with the self-esteem and strength they need to focus on their own goals in life and to connect to their environment more positively. The Power School encourages young people to become active citizens and take social responsibility.


An intensive, five-day empowerment training course is an important part of the Power School. Since 2008, nearly 100 young people have completed this training course. Subsequent to the training course, RADAR offers participants a follow-up course. Radar also organizes various activities that give young people the opportunity to contribute to a diverse and equal society.


The Power Day

De Power Day is a training project aimed at large numbers of participants, for instance a group of secondary school pupils and their teachers. The course aims to confront participants, sometimes painfully, with their own prejudice and with the violent or discriminatory incidents some of the participants themselves have encountered either at school, at home or on the street. The aim of the training course is to enhance mutual understanding and solidarity between pupils and teachers.


RADAR ‘SoFar’ Team

Trainees from technical and vocational schools that participate in this RADAR-project set up small-scale thematic activities in their own environment. They are encouraged to discover their possibilities and capacities, to take responsibility and to develop good citizenship qualities. For instance, the ‘SoFar’ Team organized the Urban City Race, a competition in which pupils have to carry out assignments while blindfolded or sitting in a wheelchair. The goal is to have them experience how very difficult the everyday life of a disabled person can be and what obstacles disabled people have to overcome.


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